LOCATION: Topolobampo is located on Clark Street, just south of Illinois Avenue, in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Valet parking is available.
ADDRESS: 445 North Clark Street – Chicago, IL 60654
HOURS: Wednesday & Thursday: First seating at 6:00 pm, Final seating at 8:30 pm
Friday & Saturday: First seating at 5:30 pm, Final seating at 9:00 pm
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Topolobampo immerses you in the flavors of a story.

Sometimes a story of people and places, a time now distant, or even works of art that offer a glimpse into the uniqueness of Mexican life. Every story is deeply rooted in Mexico, and so is the food, though rarely does it resemble what you’d find in a traditional Mexican kitchen. Topolo presents Mexican cuisine through a contemporary, fine-dining lens, while bringing vibrant excitement and adventure that is sure to enchant even the most experienced culinary travelers.

The narrative of our tasting menu—which changes every seven or eight weeks—has garnered many accolades: the nation’s Outstanding Restaurant at the Beard Awards (2017), a Michelin star, highest ranking from the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Magazine, Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator, Best New Restaurant from Esquire Magazine, Outstanding Service nominee from Beard.

And under the guidance of veteran Chef de Cuisine Meagan O’Connor and Pastry Chef Jennifer Enyart, both of whom have accompanied Chef Rick Bayless for decades as he has learned from cooks all over Mexico, Topolo’s food has never been better.


• A Note from Chef Rick Bayless

“It’s not what you look at that matters,” wrote Henry David Thoreau, “it’s what you see.” 

Or to state that from a kitchen vantage point, “It’s not what you eat that matters, it’s what you taste.“ 

For Topolobampo’s Art Menu, we’re hoping you’ll do both a little seeing and a little tasting. As you gaze upon six works of art from our mostly Oaxacan collection (and then dig into the six dishes inspired by those pieces), perhaps you’ll notice how the artists’ colors evoke unexpected bursts of flora and flavor that are part of their everyday life, part of tradition.  You can pick up stories about tightly bound families. And about how spiritual and profane walk hand in hand.  Perhaps some of the stories will lead you down magical paths that, upon later reflection, won’t seem so magical after all.  Mexican art has a tendency to open doors like that.  It certainly has for us here at Topolobampo.

The works of art in our collection were not chosen for their fame, but because each one told us its own story, a story that, almost without exception, could only be told in Mexico. If your eyes listen carefully, you, too, will hear those stories. And if you’re palate pays just as much attention, I’m pretty sure the stories will come alive in an even more personal way.  Just maybe, you’ll find that both art and dish resonate for you, in a way that nourishes your spirit.


Unexpected Parade  laminado of crystal blue prawns, grilled Spanish octopus, herby cucumbers, beauty heart radish, smoked ramp mayo, green vinaigrette (garlic chives, mint), finger lime, flowers.

Los Santos • stingy nettle tamal with creamy achiote filling, pistachio pipian, wild mushrooms, salt-cured nopales, micro herbs.

Shark Bait  New England fluke two ways:  butter-roasted chop & luscious mextlapique (roasted in banana leaf), Oaxacan yellow mole (hoja santa, ginger), confit fennel.

Dancing at the Fiesta  Suckling pig (grilled rib loin, crispy-skin belly), three salsas (calamondin chamoy, jackfruit-arbol, herby avocado-tomatillo), black beans, green fiddleheads, blue potatoes.

Not Watermelon  goat cheese strata with strawberry-beet glaze, whipped goat cheese with strawberry-rhubarb compote, crispy spiced meringue (avocado leaf, black pepper).

Starry Night  mirror-glazed mousse cake, chocolate ganache twirl, sorrel ice cream, Meyer lemon-passionfruit nicuatole, blood orange.


A perfect pairing for every dish.

To enjoy Topolobampo’s beverage pairings, you don’t have to be a wine or agave spirits connoisseur—though we love it when you are! Each one of our dishes has been meticulously partnered with both a wine and agave spirit, culminating in an elegant dance between food and drink.

Our wine program is led by the ever-passionate, award-winning Jill Gubesch. For 16 years Jill has filled our cellar with unique wines (we have one of the largest lists of Mexican wines in the United States). Jill has also blended special bottlings with some of the top winemakers in Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe exclusively for Topolobampo, and she hosts many of that area’s craftsmen for remarkable winemaker dinners where sommelier, vintner and guests get to talk all things Mexican wine.  

Our ever-evolving agave spirits program is co-directed by Julianna Arquilla and Lanie Bayless, who are masterfully crafting cocktails and continuously growing our collection of mezcal, tequila, raicilla, sotol and bacanora into one that is beyond reproach. Even when there are only a few bottles in the whole world, it’s likely that we have it (or had it).

Julianna, Lanie and Jill are leading the pack in presenting Mexico’s presence as the home to many master distillers and vintners. We invite you to pre-book a pairing package or simply ask your server which of our offerings will make your night even more special.



Outstanding Restaurant Award James Beard Foundation
One Star Michelin Guide
Outstanding Service nominee James Beard Foundation
Outstanding Restaurant nominee James Beard Foundation
Good Food 100
Best New Restaurant Esquire
4 Stars Chicago Magazine
4 Stars Chicago Tribune
Award of Excellence Wine Spectator



For a more intimate Topolo experience for your group, consider Topolo’s private dining room, The Library. We can accommodate up to 30 guests for magical multi-course meals. It’s just one of our three private event rooms at our Clark Street restaurants. For more information see

Rick and Deann Bayless, PROPRIETORS | Zach Steen, CULINARY DIRECTOR
Meagan O’Connor, CHEF DE CUISINE  | Jennifer Enyart, PASTRY CHEF
Lanie Bayless, GENERAL MANAGER | José Gonzalez, MANAGER
Jill Gubesh, WINE DIRECTOR | Julianna Arquilla, SPIRITS DIRECTOR




445 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654